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Cebu Pacific is The Philippines' leading low fare airline servicing 49 destinations in 13 countries.

Cebu Pacific Air

Cabin Classes


Economy cabins contain seats with a pitch of 28 to 30 inches and 98 to 105 degrees of recline depending on the aircraft. Snacks, beverages and merchandise are available to purchase on board. In-flight entertainment includes trivia games held by flight attendants.
Passengers have the option to pay extra to select their seat and purchase how much baggage they require starting at 15kg up to 30kg.
Check-in Options
Cebu Pacific Air offers web check-in from 48 hours until 4 hours before departure time. If checking in at the airport, check-in closes at 45 minutes before departure time.
Rewards Program
The CEB BIZ corporate rewards program allows companies to easily book and transfer flights as well as offering rebate programs and no additional fees.
Cebu Pacific Air has no lounges.